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Compassion Fatigue

Working with animals can be a rewarding experience, but it an also be emotionally draining. Compassion Fatigue is a very misunderstood condition that many people in animal care deal with daily, some without even knowing it. Death, abuse and neglect can be common place for those who work in shelters, vet clinics and in private rescue. 

Pet Loss

Everyone who surrounds themselves with companion animals has to face the loss of their beloved pet. Grieving for a pet can be a very difficult process as for most, it is no different than losing a human family member. This section will help deal not only with your emotions after the loss, but knowing when to let go and how to help children deal with the loss of a pet. 


Self Care

Who better to take care of you, than you! Find a new hobby, interest or activity to help decrease your stress.

Quinn, the inspiration behind Wrong Side of the Rainbow. Taken too soon but forever in my heart.

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